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This is combined course dealing with design process and method using CAD for Product Design Engineering. This course is open to 3rd grade students enrolling in both Integrated Industrial Design and Engineering System Design discipline. In this course, students learn intergrated Product Design Process with 3D CAD and prototyping techniques while carrying out their term projects. In the mid of the course, studetns explore how a product is designed and engineered by learning 3D modeling techniques with 3D CAD tool. They select an engineered product consists of more than 30 components, decompose and analyze the whole components of the product and regenerate virtually with 3D CAD tool. Through this process, they acquire the following knowledge and expertise:

  • Transform 2D sketches into 3D CAD models
  • Various design engineering drawing techniques
  • Engineering drawing methods
  • Visualization techniques of 3D CAD modeling

In the final term, students go through the whole product development proceedures. They experience various fabrication methods for working prototypes. They desgin their own products and make working prototypes utilizing machine tools, RP machines and a laser cutter. Through this process, students learn the following methods:

  • Design engineering process and techniques
  • The connection of design and manufacturing
  • The connection of design and engineering
  • Other prototyping techniques


This course is designed for 4th grade undergraduate students enrolling in Integrated Industrial Design track. Through this course, students develop and propose innovative product systems by integrating design and engineering knowledge. They experience a real product development situation by dealing with real design product development problems which come form the industry. Students analyze economical, environmental, social chagne and technolgy trend with systemaitc methods. Finally, they develop not only the conecpt or design but also the complete engineering structure for new product-system and propse it with detailed business plan which can be commercialized within the next five years.
Student exposed to such processes accumulate knowledge on design and design engieering which can also be essential for them to become professional product designers. To summarize, students play their roles as members of specialized product development team. The course emphasized team work and collaborative learning to solve theoritical and practical design isues.



This is an advance course for senior students to study various research methods which form the fundamentals of design research. Students are expected to learn systematic understanding of research methods and processess which can led them to conduct their own reserach for the design of innovative products and services. Through this course, students understand the difference of acaddemic research and business oriented research and development. The course aims to teach students in advance about research methods that they conduct in their Master's or doctoral studies.

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